The Animals

Vivi's an old man and very particular about the company he keeps. We've been together since he was a kitten fresh off a horse farm. He's been with me for all of his 19 years through the good and the bad, and everything in between. He has become judgmental in his old age. He's definitely a mama's boy.


Peanut is the resident slacker and a fan of graphic tee's. He has a genuine fear of being outside and would be more than happy to call any box-like structure his home. He will sometimes sleep on his back. He was found abandoned by his mom in a laundry room in Lubbock, Texas. Vivi helped raise him and he's been with us since. His favorite human is my husband. Everyone else is in the way.

Nutter in my Backpack

I also keep a tank of fresh water fish and feed the birds in my back yard.

Back in 2009, I decided it was time to add a new family member of the pug variety. Wilson became my new best friend. We adopted him from the local pug rescue and he came home with us on Easter Sunday. I call him my Easter Puggie. Wilson's a jogger which thankfully balances out all the carbs he likes to consume. He calls shotgun whenever possible and is always up for a road trip. He's slightly asthmatic and allergic to a few things here and there. Not at all unlike myself.

Waiting at the light with my co-pilot

In 2010, another pug joined our family. We also adopted him from the local rescue. He's small and a little spastic, but he's calmed down some. We named him Colin. He's become the watch dog for the family. He protects us from leaf blowers, bicycles, beards, and buses. He likes splashing around in pools and runs in circles when he's happy.

Colin in the sun

Winter 2012, we open our home to foster a needy pug who didn't need to spend the holidays locked up in a kennel. Seymour was a chubby wrinkly senior pug with absolutely horrible skin. He started on a strict regiment of self imposed exercise and got himself into amazing shape. My husband fell for his adorable old man charms and by Winter 2013, Seymour secured his forever home with our family. He's quite aware that he is the husband's favorite. He reminds me often.