About Hieu!

Cheeser smile! 

Hi there! I'm Hieu (my sister calls me Hieuy).

I started blogging a years ago when I moved away to attend college. There wasn't a purpose or direction. I didn't know anybody when I moved there, and so I kept a blog to share stories with the friends I had back home. A few years ago I moved to Houston and started writing again. I find inspiration in everyday things. I  write about places I visited, my favorite things, my furry roommates, my attempts at planting plants, and the delicious foods I find or make.

I currently live in the Houston area. I have two cats, three rescued pugs, a foster pug, a handful of fish, and a tiny convertible I named Mashimaru. I enjoy taking photographs and taking long drives in search of great restaurants and scenic places.

I am most fortunate to do most of these things with my husband and best friend, Nicholas.

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