Sunday, January 11, 2015

Helloooo 2015!

It was a wet and chilly start to 2015. The work week was thankfully slow given people were still out enjoying their break. Since we spent our break doing a little house cleaning, it has been nice coming home to a relatively cleaner living space.

Speaking of cleaning, these articles popped up on my media feeds last week and while I have my own methods, I thought they were pretty great:
     1) Stop organizing and just have less stuff and 2) Kissing your socks goodbye
We basically doubled our space from our tiny apartment with this house, haven't added anything new and yet we have loads of "stuff". We've been purging boxes upon boxes from the pre "us" era. I do like the idea of only keeping things that bring you joy (from the second article) and plan on using that idea as we continue to purge the remaining containers. The plan is to be done in a few weeks so we can move on to more exciting activities. Like painting!

We also took a trip to the paint store to look at some colors that would go well with the builder selected tiles and cabinets. We are starting small by tackling the master bath first. So far, it's looking more amazing than I imagined with these colors (they're really much brighter in person):

Oh and you know what else is amazing? I turned 40 today. And didn't freak out. Ha! Birthday bonus: I got a painted water closet! Here's hoping everyone else had a great Hieuday, too.


ljc said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I missed telling you on Facebook. : )

Unknown said...

:D Yay!! Thank you!