Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Dicken's weekend also means the end of Faire season. This year was the Texas Renaissance Festival's 40th anniversary. Thanks to an awesome deal last year, we were able to grab four weekend tickets. No matter how often we go, (and we go almost every year) we always find/learn something new. It's also a great excuse to dress up and an even better excuse to rack up steps on the Fitbit!

So, we like to dress up:

Nicholas learned about vanquishing enemies and woo-ing ladies from Sholo the Nubian:
Nicholas & Sholo the Nubian

We saw awesome homemade costumes such as this Rainbow Dash:
Rainbow Dash!

and these Beer Knights:
Shiner Knight, Lone Star Knight, My Knight

Nicholas also got to make a commemorative 40th anniversary coin!
The 2014 TRF coin punch

We got a lesson in the different techniques of weaving and got to watch this monstrosity of a machine make this lace pattern:
Lace Pattern

and got a rare chance to hear this carillion:
Cast in Bronze

We're looking forward to going again next year! The photos from this years trips are on Flickr.

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