Friday, December 12, 2014


My new notebooks came in and I've been carrying them around until I can find a spare moment to write in them!

They're from May Design. The top one is my new address book. My current one is oh, six years old? And so out of date. Even my address is wrong in that one. The unicorn one is my new scribble book. There are no lines in this one. And the plaid one is my 2015 agenda.

I really like that you can customize the covers and the interior pages. But more importantly (at least to me) the pages feel nice. Ink pens don't bleed through easily and they look like they'll hold up after being tossed in my bag pretty well. Follow them on the bookFace for occasional random coupon codes to get some good deals.

By the way, did you know Google can help you collect up to date addresses for your holiday cards? Like most people, my collection of addresses live partially in emails, ancient spreadsheets and on my phone. You can create a survey in Google docs where you can customize your questions and tell the fill boxes what to expect. There's also the option of making certain responses "required" with that all important red * to let them know you mean business. Google will then take the responses and populate a spreadsheet for you! Neat huh? You can also customize the response received message. Mine said to allow 6-8 weeks for processing. It confused some people. I was trying to be funny. Choose your messages wisely.

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