Monday, December 22, 2014

New (tiny) Aquarium

I've grown up with fish tanks and had one throughout college as well. Lately, we've kept up a small tank, but were hoping to expand back to our large 55 gallon when we came across this bio filter aquarium setup through Kickstarter. The most annoying maintenance for a fish tank is the filter. Most professional setups have an elaborate filtration system. The EcoQube system uses plants to filter out the waste products. It also has a UV sterilization system to help keep the system clean. We've had ours up and running for a few weeks now and added our first fish. He still doesn't have a name. So far, it appears to be working well but we're still having to clean up some algae that's started to grow. Not as bad as our other tank, though! So I still have hope! If It works well, I will look into investing in these filters for my larger tank.

White Beta in his EcoQube
::Beta in his EcoQube::

White Beta in his EcoQube
::He has pretty fins::

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