Wednesday, December 24, 2014


::our 2015 harvest of kumquats::

All 75 iddy bitty mini oranges from our tiny Charlie Brown-ish Christmas Tree sized kumquat tree finally turned bright orange with our last freeze and were ready to pick. We didn't know what to do with the harvest we had last year, so we were pretty sure we had to do something this year. Then Nicholas came home with this:

::glorious kitchen gadgets!::

We have a canning kit and lots of small mason jars! We figured out really quick we were limited by the size of our largest water boiling vessel. But it turned out really nice and we learned a few lessons like: 1) small batches are better 2) you probably shouldn't multiply up and make a larger batch 3) less sugar because kumquats are crazy sweet.

::kumquat & cara cara oranges & ginger marmalade!::

They made tasty presents for family and friends.

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