Sunday, April 14, 2013

Puggies at the Expo

At the Pet Expo!
::Seymour & Wilson @ the Pet Expo::

Yesterday we spent most of the day at the Houston Pet Expo at the Reliant Center (there also happened to be some poor engineering souls taking their exams next door).

There were rescues for every pet out there from reptiles and bunnies to birds and just about every major dog breed. There were also neat gadgets and services for some lucky pets:

Pampered Pets @ the Expo
::beds and backpacks::

Poodle showing off her mama's grooming skills at the Pet Expo!
::poodle showing off some grooming skills::


This guy was hanging out while his mom was busy shopping. We also got to meet a macaw and a gorgeous albino cornsnake. We brought Seyms so he could hang out with his other buddies also in foster care.

The PugHearts Pug Pen
::pug pen::

Lots of folks stopped by to get some pug lovin' and meet a few of our wonderful pugs. Eight lucky puggies got adopted into their new Forever Families at the event!! Unfortunately, a few more are waiting to take their place in foster care. But, we have awesome folks in this group that make it happen. :)

Seymour, Wilson, and Nicholas at Reliant
::Nicholas, Seymour, and Wilson after a long day::

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Looks like they had a good time!