Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boxes! For all the Boys!!

First Bark Box!!!
::1st Bark Box::

The pug boys got their first BarkBox today! Looks like we got the small dog box instead of the medium dog box. (We changed subscriptions the day we signed up, but it didn't take ::squinty eyes::) The boys LOVED the treats, but the chicken flavored rubber newt is probably the biggest hit. Seyms has claimed this newt as his own and has been very vocal about it. 

Nespresso limited editions

The human boy got his Nespresso box today. 150 espresso pods with 2 limited edition flavors. He's very excited :) We also found out the pods are recyclable! Our nearest Sur-la-table will take them (and give us a reason to shop for kitchen accessories)!

This of course means the kitty boys get to play with the boxes everything came in. It's a pretty happy in the house tonight. :)


ljc said...

We get the medium Box Box and we didn't have that nifty chicken! We had a rope toy.

I am curious about the special Nespresso flavors!

Hieu said...

We tried the Napoli this morning and wow... I could smell the aroma from 30' away! I had mine as a Lungo and it was just right. Nicholas had his the regular size and he says it was stout but very delicious. The box had the strength rated at an 11 (even though the max is 10).

I dunno if you saw, the pod prices were going up, so we got a lot in our last order :)