Sunday, March 31, 2013


Has it been that long?

Our little foster Seymour (who's really not that little) has really come out of his shell. There's no telling how long he had been fending for himself out on the mean streets of H-town. But in the past three months he's gone from being unsure about what he can and can't do, to being the most loving puddling real live teddy bear, to being independent and demanding. Fattycakes will battle for whatever stuffie is getting licked on and will reassure us he really does want to sleep in the middle our pillows. Horizontally.

Winter was incredibly short and so the garden has sprung back to life. The wee critters are out and about doing things that critters do.

We discovered Colin loves the blow dryer. Wilson got his first white eyebrow hairs and I cried, because my puppy is turning into an old man.

I got to see my ASME buddies at one of their retreats that happened to be downtown. 

Nicholas and I did road trips to Galveston and to see mama. We also took a day trip to check out the Museum of Natural Science - there's good stuff in there. Oh, and I have a life size (or larger) grumpcat. Pretty awesome.

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