Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Happened

January came and went. There was a lot going on so here's a leetle recap:

Seymour had quite the day. #rescued #pug now learning about the #puglife as a foster.
This is Seymour. He was rescued by PugHearts just before the Holidays. It just so happens we had applied to be a foster family for a puggy and this guy needed a place to crash before the vet hospital staff were going to be out for the holidays. So, we picked him up...

Good travelers
...and we took him home with us to visit the family. He was good, quite timid being around new folks and other pug-people, but he traveled well. Tell you what though, handling two who know the drill is awesome. Add a newbie suddenly no one knows what they're doing anymore. We made it there and back in our self contained packages. Mom wasn't too pleased with Mr. Fats as she calls him. He's 'too much'. While I agree having a third puggin is a lot to handle, seeing his transformation this past month has been completely worth it. We've been going on the meets and greets and will soon find him a Forever Home.

Random goodness found its way to my desk in January. The Husband brought me potted roses - that are still growing in their pot (yay!) - and Jenny & CJ sent me a Winston the Pug tote. Winston's very good at helping me get my gear to work and back. He's also doesn't shed.

Have y'all tried Justin's Butter Blends? I had one in my Starbuck's protein pack and I'm addicted!! #butteryall
I also discovered these nut-butter packets. Seriously worth mentioning because they're just enough delicious in an easy to throw in my bag kind of snack. I have been known to cut open the packet to lick the sides. Not every time, just sometimes. 

And for a little non-animal and non-food related, we bought frames for some of the art we have collected and finally got a few of them up on the walls. I even painted one of the frames to match the poster and it's kind of my favorite now...



ljc said...

I love what you did with the bike print!

Hieu said...

We love the prints you sent! Thanks for sending them :D It's so fun displaying art from artists we know!