Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dashing through... the breezy warm air

A month and a half and one life-sucking exam, two major holidays, one wedding, an anniversary and birthday later... and here we are. Looks like winter's hit us, what with its high in the 70's and low in the 50's. I had a chance to kick on the heater for a couple of nights there! Excitement!

The pugs have been a positive force in the recuperation process. Grueling exams are grueling. And while they can't help me grow my nails back after they've been nervously ripped off to the quick, they make these funny faces, sneeze and burp on me and everything is suddenly better. And for their gallant efforts, I got them new onsies for Halloween:

The boys are going as themselves this year for #halloween: hungry #pugs. These guys are so hungry they're just curly tails and bones. #puglife
{The Skelly-Pugs}

Nicholas also made some Pumpkin Spice Sugar Hearts to put some holiday flavor into our morning cup-o-java.  They're a little stronger than I would personally request, but nothing makes you think HOLIDAY like the smack of a fat spicy pumpkin in your mug. Oh yeah.

Hubatron is making PUMPKIN SPICED SUGAR HEARTS!! #deliciousness
{Spicy Pumpkin Heart is Spicy!}

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Hearts (& a half ball)!  Thanks to @tostina for her post: They're sooo good!

And of course, there are figs. Oh! Yes, I bought a fig tree. I bought two, actually. And don't laugh, but right now I have a third one - it's for my mom. Really, it is. Back in Alabama, there was a huge fig tree just outside the house we lived in. I remember picking buckets and buckets of figs... and my dad telling me I really shouldn't pick so many since it wasn't our tree. I also remember eating buckets and buckets of figs, because they were like Nature's little bags of syrupy sweet goodness.  Store bought and dried figs are not the same. At all. So imagine my delight when I cut open my very first ripe fig:

One home grown figgy. Much bigger, and ::drool:: so sweet!
{Yup, it's like I was 5 again}

We've harvested a few more since. Each time cutting them in half so Nicholas and I can share. Hopefully next year, the trees will realize they're now planted in the ground and think OH YEAH and start making buckets of figs. (A girl can dream.)

Till next time,

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Yay for pumpkin spice sugar cubes!