Thursday, October 11, 2012

mazda 3
{mazda 3 for a day}

I was leaving the parking garage downtown when I discovered Mashimaru's window motor died. Amazing how claustrophobic one becomes when trapped in a tiny car with windows that won't go down. I left the little Miata at the dealership to get his motor fixed and they put me in a mazda 3 for a day. 

It reminded me of the honda civics, but with just a teensy bit more room and flashy lights.

{the interior}

There's the stereo controls on the steering wheel that are lit up - helpful in a foreign-to-me car. The console had a nice orange and blue/purple glow and it all sort of sloped down to the gear shift and cup holders. It gave the passenger side a cockpit feel. The trunk is quite a bit larger than I expected. It held three gigantic-econo-size kitty litter boxes and still had plenty of room for luggage. The 3 is not as wide as most larger sedans. In fact, it is about 6" shorter in width than the Miata but rides much higher off the ground.

The shorter width of the 3 gave me one huge disadvantage: checking the blind spot. This is what I saw:

{omg headrest!}

This is with the driver seat adjusted to where I can reach the pedals and the steering wheel. The passenger seat was adjusted to where Nicholas was comfortable without his knees being lodged into the dashboard.

The manual-shift was interesting. It's great for downshifting in traffic. The turning radius is acceptable. It makes those tight u-turns without being difficult. All in all, not a bad car. It was nice and comfortable to drive.

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