Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Update! YAY!

Finally! I have a place to plug in my trusty iBook and intarwebs with which to post. So much has gone on and we're ready to share!

My cat *loves* boxes.
First, we got a lot of boxes. It was Peanut's little heaven for a couple of weeks.

Mobilizing our RobotBoxArmy...
Then we loaded up the boxes in a POD. It was great for us since we needed the time to pack up our little shoebox apartment and neither of us was going to drive a huge truck. (I had a pretty crappy experience last time we shelled out money for a move - we weren't going to go through that again.)

Walking trail & pond
And we moved into our brand *new* house in Katy!! It's in a nice new area with wildlife and greenery and lots of new places to check out. We're quite excited!! The Pugs are loving all the new smells and the Kitties are overjoyed to have their own space.

YAY! So once I can find my camera cables... we'll actually have pictures of the house to share :D

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