Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Funday

Nicholas and I made the most of our day together and hit up all the shops to get all the little things we've been meaning to grab for a while. Some of the more 'fun' items included:

::A frame for the adorable artwork
on a card with some serious sentimental value::
::OPI's Animalistic - from the Muppets::
Lunch Crock
::A Lunch Crock::

I have a Ms. Bento. She does a great job keeping my lunch warm, but the compartments make it a little difficult to carry a big bowl of ... mom's stew, for instance. Let's be honest, if I had my mom's stew, it wouldn't last long enough to become the next day's lunch. But if I did, I could carry it in this, the 20 ounce lunch crock. It just stays plugged in at my desk and when it's lunch time... it's ready to go. Even if lunch comes around at 3 in the afternoon. :)

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