Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fashion Post: Current Obsessions

Berry Obsessed

There's been so much going with me prepping for an upcoming event, but I've finally have some free time to share my latest fashion obsessions in (two of) my favorite colors!

Swatches ($70) I am a watch person. They're my 'thing'. These are from the New Gent collection, so they're 'guy' sized. I like the oversize look and the colors make it a fun accessory. (I got a Teal one) And for $70, it's not a wallet killer.

Chanel nail color ($25) This blue is a special edition blue from this year's Fashion Night Out collection. (I got this blue.)  I picked up a light pink shade a year ago and it is one of my favorites.To me, the glossy look and feel makes it worth it.

Alexander McQueen scarfs ($295+) The inner stylist in me wants to wrap up in gorgeous skull printed scarf with bold colors. Until I'm able to save up for one,  I picked up a comfortable blue leopard print scarf from Forever21 for $10 and she's more than satisfied (for now).

Fedoras ($20-$150+) Dad always wears a fedora. I hated hats until I went to college and discovered how they made bad hair days so much more easier to work with. And now, after discovering the Albertus Swanepoel collection at Target, I am all over fedoras! It feels good upgrading from ballcaps.

JCrew Mona ($198) Suede pumps just feel so nice. And, if you're gonna have a suede shoe, shouldn't it be blue?! Suede isn't rain friendly, but then neither am I. A few of the bloggers I read regularly posted these recently and I wanted to try them out, too. These JCrew Mona's  are surprisingly comfortable, they're true to size if you're ordering online. And I loooove the range of colors. They tend to have $-saving codes from time to time, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

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