Friday, September 2, 2011

Treasures from Mom

When I went home a couple of weeks ago, I noticed my mom had draped over a chest of drawers a lovely scarf. It was rather large and I thought perfect for layering over a simple sheath dress or t-shirt. Mom being the most lucky of frugal shoppers I had to ask her where she found it. Apparently, it's one she'd picked up when we were in Hong Kong many years ago! At the time, my mom was huge into accessorizing so she had a gorgeous collection. She brought out this huge box and we went through them - I picked out a few favorites to take with me.


A lot of them no longer have their tags, but my mom tells me they all designer and were bought for a great deal ;) - of course! The red and blue one is the one she had on the chest (from Hong Kong). The third one, the blue and white is Italian. The last one, the orange multicolor is a Diane von F├╝rstenberg scarf! This one still had the mom bought it for $2.50! (Actually, she bought two!)

And as you can tell, I love my animal prints.  Mom does too! She had quite a bit of animal print and it took a lot for me not to just haul it all home. ;) I think she was really excited that I was so excited about her scarf collection. She sent me a link to this video a couple of days later...

Amazing right? If it is at all possible, I am now more in love with scarves than ever before. I learned from Wendy's blog that I could find a pattern that I like at a fabric store and just ask for 2 yards worth to get the long shawl/wrap style scarf look she has in her video.

And that's totally what I did:


Leopard print? Check. Purple? Check. I found this at High Fashion Fabrics downtown. It's gorgeous and oh so soft. It will be perfect for this fall. Assuming we actually have a fall. I'll have to take an outfit picture soon :)

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