Friday, September 23, 2011

kiss:kiss hooray!

Package for me!!
I got a package yesterday!

Dita's halfmoon *KISS* nails!
A signed and lipstick kissed card from Dita herself along with my first (of many I'm sure) package of Halfmoon painted nails! I'm so very excited about these! We saw Dita when she came to Houston a couple of months ago and I've tried my best to free-hand some half-moons of my own. I can get my left hand. My right hand ends up looking very "art project"-ish.

A little hotness, in a box!
I can't wait to wear them! (I just need something fancy to go to... until I buy another box!)

I used to get my nails buffed and painted and even had acrylics for a while. The acrylics never lasted more than a few days - not even a week. Something about my nails made them not stick very well. To keep the french manicure look without the hour salon visit, I started using KISS nail kits. They are perfect for that quick pre-conference manicure and can last much longer than just a week. The DVT nails are also by KISS, so I know these will be amazing! :D

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