Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello, Phone Charm

Hello Kitty!
:: Apple Hello Kitty & my Samsung A900 ::

Remember back when cell phones had the little lanyard loop holes? Back when phones weren't made of the lightest plastics possible? Good times.

Hello Kitty
:: My collection of Hello Kitty phone charms ::

Some of these are from my trip to Japan... others were from bubble gum machines. But since I moved to a Blackberry and then to an Android phone, there were no more lanyard loop holes. :(
Finally!! A Hello Kitty phone charm for my phone from my awesome Hubby! Thx, hunny!
:: Hello Kitty charm w/ 3M sticky! ::

Nicholas surprised me the other day when he brought home a new Hello Kitty phone charm! This one has a 3M sticky *and* it can hold multiple charms!! (Trying not to go over-board right away....)


Picolina said...

NO WAY! Where do you find a charm like this! I have and HTC and can't hang anything!!

Hieu said...

Hi Picolina! We found these sticky back charm holders at the Sanrio Store!

Love the fishes on your blog!