Thursday, September 22, 2011

Animal Print

Animal Animal

Since last fall, I've noticed this on going trend for animal print: cheetah, leopard, ocelot, etc... I've always been a fan, as those who know me can tell you. But now, it's everywhere, designer shoes, non-designer shoes, clutches and even trench coats! (I totally fell for the trench coat). I think the key is not to wear it all at once. Obviously. But also, not to have so much, that it's all you wear. (I should sharpie this on my mirror...)

My favorite is the ocelot infinity scarf from Coach ($98), I don't have it, but I tried it this morning and it's so billowy! And then the trench from Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection and the Schutz bootie($198) - I haven't tried the bootie, but it looks adorable.

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