Thursday, August 11, 2011

Of course it has a skull

Loving the blasted teal polish by @Sephora and my matching teal @Swatch

I'm so excited my tiger eye wrap bracelet came out so well! Making it reminded me of the fun I had weaving friendship bracelets in grade school. I actually came across one of them in my old wooden chest at home and it made me smile. Good times. The shop where I found the beads has a neat collection of skulls.The one update to this skull (appropriately carved out of bone) will be Swarovski stone eyes... I just have to find the right glue.

I painted my nails with OPI's Clubbing Till Sunrise (golden shade) and OPI for Sephora's Blasted in Turquoise. Note: Apply only one layer of the Blasted - they're not kidding. The effect happens pretty quickly. Also, try not to apply with a fan overhead, it'll dry quicker than you can finish a nail. That explains the one huge rift in the middle of my nails.  And I'm totally taking you back old school with my matching Swatch :)

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