Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New shoes for Shoesday

New cheetah print flats from H&M!

As if I didn't have enough animal print in my closet...I found a new pair of cheetah (?) print flats at H&M in Dallas this weekend!! It looked like they only came in whole sizes - I normally wear an 8-8.5, and the 8 feel perfect. They're also darker than my other pair (I did say I have a lot of animal print, right?), which make these perfect for fall. The $12 price tag is also a plus :)

I found out through my Facebook peeps H&M was opening in Dallas on Thursday just in time for tax-free weekend. Mom and I went to check out the madness. There was definitely a line at the front with bouncers and uniformed officers!  *There's news of an H&M coming to Houston soon! Excitement!

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