Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Summer Face

My summer face essentials
It's been way too hot for the warpaint this summer (which will probably last until October) so I'm sticking with my favorite nude/neutral faves...
1) MAC 231 shader brush - I'm using it for lipstick application. Keeps it precise.
2) Lady Gaga for MAC VIVA Glam (the nude shade)
3) Givenchy Phenomeneyes - The round brush makes it easy to focus on a few lashes at a time and doesn't get goopy. Goop is the enemy, people.
4) Chanel in Jade Rose - Perfect neutral shade for *crossing fingers* an interview.


Anonymous said...

ooooooooh!!! warpaint!!!! I have that GaGa lipstick and it looks like DOOOODY on me! I have both the glass and stick - they're yours when I see you again!!!!!!

Unknown said...

That's how I thought it would look on me but its quite nice!! XOXO Will have to see you soon!