Monday, August 15, 2011

Closet Progress: Help from the Sweater Stone

With help from one of the fashion conscious helpers at the Container Store, I found this: The (amazing) Sweater Stone.

Amazing Sweater Stone!

Thinning out the closet is always difficult for me, because I get attached easily. I've come across several helpful tips for figuring out what makes the cut and what doesn't. One that I felt most sad about was 'clothes that look worn and pilly'. That meant some of my more favorite shirts and sweaters would have to go! This is where the sweater stone comes in...

The sweater stone feels like really fine pumice stone and it grabs the little fuzzies. It seems to work just fine on cotton blends and rayon, not so much on polyester/spandex. It also says not to use on silk, but it works great if you're careful. Check it out...I think it's a closet must have:

Fuzzy and Not Fuzzy

One of my favorite shirts from my mom became pilly after a few wears. :) All better now!

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