Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time for check ups!

Vivi & Peanut at the Vet

The kitties made it in for their annual exam. Vivi (16) is rarely pleased with the visits. Aside from a re-absorbed tooth and another undergoing resorption, he is doing quite well for being crotchety. Our vet was even pleased at how healthy he is for such an old man. Though from the look of his scraggly beard there, he's also due for a haircut. Peanut (6) still does not like going outside for anything but is doing well.


The puggies also went in for their checkup. Despite trying to eat the nurse's arm, Colin got an A+ from the vet. Wilson got a C- for gaining a chunk and some change. Both got a new food/treat to help with the plaque. The vet recommended Hill's Prescription Diet t/d to help keep their teeth clean. They're pretty large chunks that forces them to bite in and chew so the enzymes can break down the plaque. We're feeding them as treats. So far so good!

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