Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Polaroid Project!

We found a OneStep Closeup Polaroid Camera at a garage sale last year and was excited to learn about the Impossible Project's new Color Shade film and thought we would give it a try. Some folks have gotten some great results from their Impossible Project captures. So we did a lot of reading on various sites on 'how to develop' the film. We tried all kinds of techniques from immediately storing the photo in a black paper bag to heating it by holding it between arm and body while it develops.

Here's what we got:

Nicholas at the Pier
This one we took with the flash on. I had hoped we could see the red from the pier and the the blue.. err.. brown water. It looks a little washed out and there's that black spot up top - we're not sure where that came from.

Me on the treasure chest bench
We turned the exposure down to half for taking this one of me on a cement bench painted to look like a treasure chest. Still pretty neat. Take that hipster app peeps!!

Pugs on Polaroid!
And for the puggies, we heated the film right after it came out of the camera. Okay, I just sat with it between my legs. Not to bad! You can actually see some of the green from the plants downstairs!

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