Sunday, April 24, 2011

Air Show!

Dad and Nicholas with the A10 Thunderbolt
Dad and Nicholas at the 2011 Air Power Expo in Fort Worth, Texas

Growing up in Fort Worth, Dad would take us to the airshows every summer. We'd get up early and score the best seats to watch the take off and landings. Then we'd spend the rest of the time climbing into and out of the awesome helicopter and jet fighters. I used to know all the names of all the different kinds of jets that flew out of the airbase nearby. I could tell the time by the rumbling in the air early in the morning! I even had a wall full of F-16 posters.

This year was Nicholas' first trip to an airshow. Dad showed him around and lectured briefly about each of the different helicopters he's worked on and flown, the carriers, the F-16's... They had a lot of fun :)

Nicholas in the Dolphin
Nicholas in the Coast Guard's Dolphin

There were lots of aerial acrobatics and old planes flying around. We caught the Coast Guard's rescue demonstration, some older WWII planes, a Harrier, and the day before we caught part of the Blue Angel's routine.

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