Monday, February 7, 2011

Bento, Baby!

SuziFoo introduced me to the Bento. It's a pretty ingenious concept, a thermos that will keep your food hot or cold, and little compartments in which to store and re-heat your lunch! At first glance, the Ms. Bento appears to be tiny, but in fact, it holds quite a bit of food.

I picked up the Ms. Bento from Zappos. They usually ship over night (and you have to love the pug photo that thanks you for your purchase). Nicholas picked up the Mr. Bento from ThinkGeek and it arrived a week later :P

So far, I've been brining small tupperware containers filled with mini meals, but I think this will be a lot easier to figure out and pack in the morning than trying to wrestle and tetris different boxes everyday :)
Also really loving this Ms. Bento & Friends Flickr Set! They have some great ideas for Bento lunches!

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