Monday, January 3, 2011

Soft Shell Crabs

When we went home for Thanksgiving, my Aunt made what is possibly my most favorite of sushi choices: Soft Shell Crab! They're usually the tempura'd crab that comes in Spider Rolls. She made them whole, and so over the New Year break, we tried to make them at home....

Shell-less and ready for batter!!

First, gotta unwrap the soft shelled crabbies... We found these in the frozen seafood section of the asian market.

Fry Daddy's are frighteningly delicious!

Next, we battered them up and dropped them in the FryDaddy. Mom got it for me years ago to make my own eggrolls - still haven't dared to try that yet. They're better when mom makes them anyway...

I am living out the American dream: deep frying everything & anything I want

And tada! Tempura'd soft shell crabs! I thought the batter was a little thick, but they were mighty tasty!

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