Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Road trip of 2010.

Back when we were in grade school, my family went on summer road trips. Sometimes to the beach, sometimes we'd go camping. Once we went to Niagara Falls. We always talked about going to the Grand Canyon, but for whatever reason - another trip came up in it's place.

This year, Dad and I went to the Grand Canyon. Mostly because we hadn't been and I like road trips... and also partly because I he got me a new lens for the Sony. ::grin:: Gotta have some good scenery to try out the new lens!

Afternoon Rain

When we reached the Grand Canyon early afternoon, just beating the rain that followed us there. This was one of my first views from the Bright Angel lookout. Amazing and expansive, I had always seen photos, but in person it was even more so. It was also annoying that just turning around 180 degrees - there was a condo, right there. And restaurant. And gift shop. And so so many people.


Sitting in a tree

The Munkie got to see the sights, too :)

Scenic Locator

There were also these 'Scenic Locators' at some of the lookouts that would point out features and tell you what they were. Neat!

More photos from the trip here!!

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