Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New York

Hee heee! My 1st real train station! I saw my 1st train, too!!

We had Board retreat out by the New Jersey Airport this past weekend. It was full day of meetings with just a couple of hours Saturday night for a quick trip to New York. Marian had a nice giggle watching me experience my first train ride. I had been in  train station in Japan, but this was differerent. This train trip involved me standing on a platform - like they do in those movies and video games. And they had those metal columns where the bad guy comes out and mows everyone down! It didn't help that it was late at night and all kinds of creepy looking.

When we got to NY, I was suprised (but not really) to see the City so busy! Kids were being dragged around by their parents, bright bright billboards like in Japan. The smell in the streets reminded me of Ho Chi Minh City. H&M was still open and it was 10pm!! Munkie and I went down to Time Square and then over to the Chrysler building.

Munkie + Chrysler Building