Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am yellow

So, thanks to genetics... and watching my mom apply moisturing cream everyday and night, I still get carded regularly. Every since I was in my teens, I'd sneak a dab or two of mom's Oil of Olay and delicately dot my face and massage in, just as she did.

Since then, my war paint has simply consisted of Oil of Olay, awesome eyeshadow colors, black eyeliner, lenthening mascara, and an array of lipcolor.

It wasn't until one of my best friend's weddings that I was sold on MAC products. My best friend's best friend* swore by it - and given just how natural she looked, I had to try it out for myself.

[[image file="2010-07/mstnc.jpg" height="200"]]

I dragged Nicholas with me to the MAC store since I knew that being the manly man he was - his opinions would be truthful. To make sure he didn't spout off praise out of boredom, I sent him to the Lego store while I got dolled up. The cheerful makeup artist sat me down, unrolled her massive collection of brushes and swabby things and began asking about my makeup history. I gave her a rundown of my disasters with mineral makeup stuffs and their infinitesimally sized specs that clogged my pores and made me orange. I told her of my go-to cosmetic isle powders that didn't do any better.

She brought over a series of pallets that were varying shades of creamy yellows and I cringed. "I'm not yellow, I'm pink". Confused, she looked at me, nodded, and brought over a couple of pink pallets. I let out a sigh of relief, "Yes, that's better." The MAC girl spent some time explaining colors and what not. She offered to do half of my face in the pinker shade, and half in the yellower shade so I could see which I liked better. Sure, why not. Then there was this thing she applied she called primer. Until now primer, to me, is the grey paint you put on cars after bondo and before paint. I thought I'd just keep that part to myself. 

By the time she finished up, Nick was on his way back.

"Which side to do you like better?" "That side." He points to the yellow side. "My god why? That's the yellow side!" "It just looks more like you-you." "WHAT?" "You know, the you that wakes up in the morning. The you that comes out of the shower."

The MAC girl smiles. I'm confused, horrified, "But it's YELLOW!... How about this side?" "It's nice." "It's nice?" "It looks like you're wearing makeup. The other side looks like you." The MAC girl steps in, "It looks like the rest of you." And she points to the bit of boob cleavage I'm sporting. I gasp. Noooooo.

And then she says the dreaded words, "It's up to you."

Well damn it. I am obviously no expert in painting my face... I take a closer look, squinting so that I can see myself as a blur, and sure enough the yellow side looked like it belonged on the block that set atop the rest of me. The pink is just what I had become used to.  Thank you grocery store face powder.

"Fine, I'll take the yellow. And that primer thing."

MAC girl fixed my face and made me one color. Nick and I made sure to grab a paintbrush, too.  One of them fancy-for-your-face paint brushes. No sense buying the expensive stuff and not having the stuff to put it on with.  Of course as we're walking out, there are other asian customers who already had their MAC experience asking for the same yellowbased foundation like it was no big thing.

Things I took away from this: I am yellow. Embracing it. There is makeup out there that won't leave me orange. Shelling out dough for the goodstuff IS worth it. Primer is not just for cars anymore. MAC not only makes awesome lipstick, they have great makeup for asian skintones. Watch out people. Imma be sporting some hardcore asiantastic warpaint, now!

*Thank you Pamela!

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