Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Lois Visit!

Pre-MonsterBall Bash up at Lois' place

Of course I told Pamlea about this crazy flower that's supposed to smell like rotting corpses and asked if she thought that maybe, I mean, you know, on the off chance they might wanna see such nonsense, they would like to stop by and check the Corpse Flower out....

The answer was a definite yes. Pamela and Michelle were all for it. For the week leading up to their visit, we'd stalk Lois on her webcam and Perry - another corpseflower, on his. The whole phenomenon was really quite neat. I learned a lot about these plants. Their horticulturalists were giving them personalities. They had twitter accounts. Really a bit much, if you think about it. Totally worth it to smell the smell of a corpse coming from a flower.

I literally kept myself up Thursday night, after spending the previous night at the museum till 2am, to watch the Perry flower bloom. That's the level of excitement we're talking about here.

So anyway - Friday night the girls get into town, we thought we might meet up for a trip to museum. We get our tickets for 3:45 in the morning - the earliest showing. o_O! We made our way to the late night sushi bar. Closed it down. Caffinated up at the 24hr StarBucks and made fun of the night owls in what I could only assume was their "party gear". And then stood in line at the museum to check out ... the corpse flower. Lois had bloomed early that morning. And for sure we thought we'd get a wiff of the rotting meaty goodness the news people promised.. Alas, it was only the aroma of day old garbage laying out in the sun. *sigh*

Totally worth it, though.

OMG you guys! It's Lois! She smelled like trash!



Stank level 5!!!

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