Thursday, June 24, 2010

Only the Best Sandwhiches!

Ever since I moved to Houston, I've heard stories of this awesome little sandwhich shop that has these sandwhiches that were less than $3, cash only, but like no other sandwhichs at any other place. Ooo, I thought. Well, a year later, I finally ventured out to go find this sandwhich shop and turns out... it's a chain! And Lee*s not only has the delicious vietnamese-style sandwhiches that I grew up with, but also all kind of other Vietnamese goodies!

Oh Lee, how I love your sandwiches!! Mmm nom nom!

Nick and I went recently to get our fix and noticed their new baggies! They print recylcing ideas on their bags! Genius! Way to go Lee*s!

Lee's Sandwiches is green! Awesome baggie ideas!

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