Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mariage Freres Tea

Mariage Freres tea

Mariage Freres tea

I almost forgot to mention, my fabulous ASME roomie also brought back some delicious tea from France. She's such a doll. Mariage Freres has a very nice calming flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Not only did it come in a very shiny black patent looking bag, it has it's own box and the tea sachets are even hand tied! Thank you M!! You're the greatest!

Edit: Doing a little googling I found out that Mariage Freres is where Japan Airlines gets their tea for their First Class passengers. Nicholas and I are very familiar with Japan Airlines... and I can tell you that even as a regular passenger, you feel like you're flying first class, so we can only imagine...

I really enjoy a good cup of tea and could not be more excited that M thought to bring me 'The Best Tea in the World'!  I think that might be something I'll have to start collecting - really good tea. :)

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