Friday, June 18, 2010


While I was in Pittsburgh, I missed my younger brother's graduation from medical school. My little brother - not so little anymore - is now married and on his way to enjoying one of the greatest dreams our parents had for their children. I felt really bad that I couldn't be there, but luckily for me (I'm being totally selfish here), he had two ceremonies. One Phd, one MD.

It was amazing standing there witih him as he smiled at the barrage of cameras pointed at him and posed with the many combination of family members for his special moment. I realized it wasn't just this moment. It has been the past 8 years. In that time, he's kept up with a high school friend who was always there for him. He's found the woman of his dreams with the biggest heart, who I can tell will take very good care of him. He's made use of his handiman skills to fix up his condo. He bought a Ducati... and kept it secret for who knows how long. And he achieved the highest of goals our parents set for us nearly 35 years ago when they set foot in this country: that their children would be successful.

All in all, my brother's pretty great. I'm almost positive he's forgotten that I was responsible for him falling on his head. At least twice. I blame his socks... and the ET big wheel. I'm gonna miss him, even more than I do already, as he takes off to start the more exciting part of his life.  In the end, I guess, I am most grateful that he's finally taken off that pressure for the rest of us to be great. :) Thanks, bro.

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