Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Dinner

Matthew and Me.

My friend Matthew from Canada found me at the reception before The Dinner. He was gracious enough to be my 'date' for the reception. :) The dress is an older one I picked up for a wedding, the pashmina is a gift from my well traveled boss, the freshwater pearls a souviner from San Francisco - courtesy of my mom, wristlet by Coach... and the shoes:


Christian Louboutin Rubinova's. A rare and exciting find. I had been looking forward to wearing these beauties and this was the perfect occassion.

A small recap for my readers: the trip to Pitt-of-hells-burg will go down in Hieustory as the worst experience ever.  I made the mistake of relying on one person. I ended up being thrown in front of the figurative bus. Looking back, I think I knew better, but out of fear of 'asking the wrong question without thinking first' I went with it. It takes experiences like these to know who your supporters are. And who's just there to ruffle your feathers and laugh when you fall, but smile to your face. I have 3 words for them: Karma's a bitch.

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