Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Year One

This Easter marked Wilson's first year of adoption with us :) We met him at a pug meet up last March, and after much deliberation, he came home with us as our Easter Puggie.


This was him, the day we met - so happy to get his butt skritched. So pudgy you could set a table for a family of 6 on his back. But I fell in love. In the year we've had him, he's road trip to mom and dad's, stayed in a pet friendly hotel in Austin, and even has his own wardrobe drawer. He gets fed some seriously delicious food that includes homemade soups, eggrolls, chicken salad - not table scraps... meals. In return I have warm feet at night and a wingman wherever I go.


Here he is a year later, happy as can be, slimmer, and incredibly spoiled. Happy anniversary, little man.

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