Friday, May 28, 2010

In SanFran

We drove in to San Francisco to check out the area - it's been over two years for me, and I was glad to be back! We stayed at the Hotel DIVA right next to Union Square. Pretty neat place to stay. Especially loved the quotes and ads they had up. I even spotted a pair of Louboutins on legs crawling underneath a crispy white bed sheet (hee hee)!

There were celebrity handprints outside, but I only got a picture of this metal plate- for my boys, Doggy Divas

Doggie Divas outside the Diva hotel in SF!

Inside the room were these fantastic shades, made me want to see what the other rooms had! Phu said our room was a little nicer than theirs. I didn't get to check out the Diva lounges they had, their beds were just *that* comfy.

Sexy window shades

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