Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wilson's first Thanksgiving

Wilson loves to travel. He's not the -best- traveler, he likes to be in the front with us and whine as if it we were the meanest parents for strapping him into the backseat. The best part of traveling, for Wilson, is the delicious meals prepared for him upon his arrival. Mom likes to spoil him and Wilbur with their own bowls of soups, freshly cooked beef, and the occasional eggroll. These are not table scraps mind you, oh no. No sir. These are freshly prepared with only the naturalest of ingredients, served in their very own porcelain bowls or plates - no plastic or stainless steel. And they're always followed up with big meaty soaked and boiled beef joints. Marrow chunks for days.

This was his first Thanksgiving with us. And we let him know we were thankful for having him in our lives. Without him, my knee pits would be cold at night, and my lint roller would be underutilized. And he's always there protecting me from the eminent dangers that lurk just outside the tub when I shower. Without him, I might be sporting the life-alert necklaces. So, thank you Wils, thank you.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the Thanksgiving Holiday at Moms.

Wilbur's new sweater
Wilbur and his early Christmas present :-)

What's this? You're wearing my hoodie?!
We also got him a matching hoodie - he loved it!

Pictures to mom, from the backyard.
Wilbs posing in the backyard :-)

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