Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Shuttle launch, originally uploaded by Tygriss.

It was a nice surprise when I found out the shuttle Atlantis would be taking off for it's mission to the International Space Station. I was with my Board members in an all day retreat, but we were able to take a break and step outside to witness the launch. I was told we were about 70 miles away (we were meeting at the Walt Disney World resort). Now I've seen the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds perform numerous times in my childhood, but this was my first shuttle launch. Absolutely spectacular. We couldn't hear anything, and this is pretty much all we could see, but it was amazing! And yes, I am easily amused :-)

The gentleman who sat next to me on the plane back to Houston is a NASA engineer and he told me I was lucky to see this one as there are only 5 more launches planned for the Space program. I have it in my tentative plans to try to make it out to see one more - up close where the rumbles of the rockets can rock my ribcage :-). You have to love that kind of raw power.

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