Friday, November 20, 2009


View from my room at 6am, originally uploaded by Tygriss.

This was the view from my room at the Dolphin resort hotel in Disney. Probably the first (and only) groundlevel hotel room that is actually on the third floor, that I've ever stayed in. They front desk guy sold me on the waterfront view. He failed to mention the walkway that is *right there* where people walk by all the time!

I was here for the winter ASME meeting. This time attending as an incoming Vice President. My 'dream job'. The one I thought would be really awesome, but there'd be no way I'd ever get. :-) But here I am! Exciting!

And this was the view outside at 6am foggy, but very pretty. It would be the beginning of a long day - and a year term, hopefully to be augmented by another full term. Looks like I might have found a way to be involved in something I like - something I care about - that will also help me move forward in the career world.

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