Monday, October 5, 2009

Rico T. Grande

Saturday was another pug in the park day and because it is the season... Wilson went as a little ferocious dragon! Next year, he's going to have to go as a gladiator, like this other guy...

Ferocious dragon @ PugHearts meetup. on Twitpic Gladiator pug on Twitpic

And then, in walks this short little guy, in a bomber jacket ala Tom Cruise in Top Gun circa 1987. His name is Rico and he momentarily stole my heart. Rico is another PugHearts rescue who was an owner surrender at BARC. Both of his eyes were ulcerated and just on the brink of bursting when PugHearts rescued him. With a little bit of medical care, he's totally on the mend. He has a little bit of scarring on his corneas, but he sees just fine. He sat in my lap for a little bit and the next thing I knew, I was asking Nicholas if we could bring him home. Even if just to foster him for two weeks. He said yes. *grin*

Rico came home with me yesterday afternoon. He's a tiny little guy and looks to be a lot younger than I initally thought. He learned quickly that Wilson's the man of the house and has taken to following Wils everywhere. What we've learned is that Rico will bark at cats. Vivi was not impressed. Nicholas and I think it's because he sees them as small furry moving objects and not kitties and is a little scared of them. Wilson does seem to be annoyed that there's another puggie in his house, but we're not sure just yet. Rico doesn't wheeze like Wilson, but he does snore. :)

It'll be a fun two weeks, I think. We will have to see how Mr. Rico Taco Grande handles living with us.

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