Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well the good news for yesterday: it has been confirmed by a certain group of people that I am, in fact, a pretty neat person. And now that neatness will be put to the test. I am excited, I am also a little worried. Mostly excited. I can't wait to share the news, but it'll be a while yet.

The odd news for yesterday: my boss was annoyingly distracted by the little ant bite scaring around my ankles.

The bad news for yesterday: nail trimming for puggies is not my strong suit. years of dealing with kitty nails and my own, you would think... so i read the directions, i consulted several knowledgeable websites, i handled the device carefully, and then (dun dun duuun), i snipped too close. given everyone's reaction it is possible i was under more trauma than Wilson. i don't think i'll be doing that again.

The comforting news: last night was night three with the new addition to our pack. for the first time Rico and I agreed on a good sleeping spot for him and everyone got a good night sleep. the first two nights, was pure hell.

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