Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yaaa! Knocking off the cobwebs on my webilities I was able to come up with this... neat! Now my flickr pictures won't squish the really important side of my page. That side over there to the left with the links to things you know you want to click. That picture up in the banner is from the Desert Springs Resort. See all those palm trees? I've discovered I like palm trees. They don't make nasty invisible pollen bits that make my sinuses and eyeballs swell. Palm trees have that 'resort' kind of feel. Like I don't really have to work. Really. Just more or less lounge in the shade and sip mango infused drinks. Enough about the trees.

I took a hiatus for a couple of months. One, to come up with something snazzy like this. Two, the little sister got married. Three, I adopted...And four, I failed to take time for myself...bad me... I'm back now. And I know you missed me.

Munkie by the falls

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