Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Hieu!

So I disappear for a while and then come back with posts about my animals. There's much more to my daily grind than my fur-children, but they're not nearly as fun to write about as these will be. What are these? These are something I stumbled upon just recently.

The backstory: Years ago in the land of the hill country far far away, there was a young little Hieu. And little Hieu loved shoes. I didn't dare afford the mall store shoes on my student budget and so shopped the incredibly well stocked racks of discount stores like Ross. On one of the late night shopping sprees, I came across a very sexy and very edgy pair of motorcycle boots by Guess. Black supple leather, thick straps that wrapped underneath the high heel in a very motorcycle/bondage style, shiny hardware, and it was my size. It was also $70. My DearFriend™ talked me out of them. If I didn't have the money, she said, then they weren't meant to be. I didn't have the cash. And to this day, I still miss those boots.

Nearly a decade later: I had finally settled into a career and was looking to start a new wardrobe. I enlisted DearFriend™ to come along and help me find some shoes. It had to be comfortable and it had to have style. And at her suggestion, I ended up with a pair of Dankso mary-jane styled heels. For a very painful $150. They're only comfortable with socks, the cute factor is low, and so sadly, I don't wear them very often. I also don't shoe shop with DearFriend™ anymore either.

Fast forward to last week: The boss is always noticing our treads. The new and exciting, the ones that need to be polished, or just let out to pasture. One of the girls got me looking at the 'newest' shoes on the Sak's website and low and behold, I came across these. Leather. Studs. Red. Black. If you know me, these are me. So me. And I wasn't going to let these get away like those boots. No way. These said: see me, buy me, wear me, love me.

And so, by a gracious miracle, these babies made their way to my feet. As the boss says, my first 'real pair of shoes'. And contrary to what one would think just by looking at them, they are incredibly comfortable and I could not be more happy with them.

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k'nertz said...

those are h.a.w.t hot... but if the other pair of boots you have had some spikes... those would win