Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Shopping Extravaganza

Mom and the Little Sis came to town to drop off some of mom's homemade eggrolls (only the best kind of eggrolls in the whole world) and I drove them around for some extra special shopping fun. And we went to my favorite restaurant, Hue and tried out the Lee's Sandwhich shop. Both turned out to be excellent choices.

With my sister's BigDay coming up, we were looking for accessories to help make her Tiffany Blue themed moment a reality. We couldn't find everything - she admitted she was asking for the impossible - but 15 gallons of gas later...we did find four pairs of shoes, my maid of honor dress, material for vietnamese dresses, and my mom got herself a jade bracelet and a bag of kumquats.

Yeah, I've had enough shopping for a while :-) ...

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