Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Skull Head (Little Skully)

Baby Skull Head
While in Galveston last weekend, I found a little rock that totally resembled a cartoon baby skull head. That's Nicholas' well manicured fingers holding said baby skull head rock. It's now part of my permanent awesome-rock collection, which has rocks from all over - though none of those other rocks have faces. I could stick him with my collection of skulls, but admitting that I have such a collection* would be a little creepy.

Baby Skull head got featured as Little Skully today in the Faces in Places blog!

*My collection of skeletons/skulls are of the cute variety. No beings were harmed in the makings of such things.


Nichole said...

he has to be the cutest rock I've ever seen!! I heart little skully!!

And the blog "faces in places" is awesome! thanks for the cool blog find!

Tygriss said...

Yaaa!! There are some really neat photo-blogs out there and this one is my new fave :-)