Sunday, September 28, 2008


Bright Lights
Originally uploaded by Tygriss.

This month's trip took me to Tokyo Japan. Leaving the Tuesday after Hurricane Ike blew through, the airport was full of people relieved to feel air conditioning. It was a relatively uneventful but painful 13 hour flight. I have been convinced that economy seating is high priced torture. There's no being comfortable, even with empty seats next to you.

I spent just seven days in Tokyo in a small hotel near Akihabara Station. I got to visit a few places in between the drizzle and rain and took my first ride on a train! Immensely fun, and scary at the same time. I couldn't read anything, I had to rely on numbers, colors, and diagrams to get around and figure out where I was going. My pictures are posted on flickr, and you can watch the slide show here.


Nichole said...

I LOVE Akihabara. And I am sure you can imagine how much Michael was in heaven there!

I flipped through all your pictures. You took some great shots.

*sigh* I wanna go back now!

Hieu said...

Haa haa, I bet he was in heaven! I had so much fun shopping in all the stores everywhere I went. There were so many amazing things that we don't see in the states!