Saturday, September 13, 2008


We were watching the news coverage of Ike making landfall in Galveston pushing water up and over into the streets. The winds picked up here near downtown, but we didn't get the crazy scary winds until around 2am. Power stayed on throughout the night and all of today, but we lost water pressure. Thankfully, Nicholas froze a bunch of water and loaded us up with the bottled stuff and filled our tub just in case.

Through out the night we could hear the trees slapping up against the building. We could also feel the building sway a little under the pressure of the winds. According to the news, we got anywhere between 80-90 mph winds. Pretty close to the wind storms we had up in Lubbock, but with more water and flying trees. Around 5am, just before we decided to try and get some sleep, the building's fire alarm went off. The city wasn't sending out any emergency vehicles until after the storm passed so we had to try and sleep through the loud and vibrating duck quacking. If there had been a fire, we would've been screwed inside or out.

By 8am, we were down to just bits of rain. The alarm gave up quacking and turned itself off. Nicholas and I checked on the cars and they did well. Drove around our area of town and saw tree branches and lots of leaves all over the road.

You can see how far the water came up on Mashimaro
Mashimaro survives

The street lights were blown around, this one spun nearly 90 degrees

And the sunset tonight
Ike has left


Nichole said...

I was thinking about you while watching all the news coverage of the storm. I'm so glad you guys are safe.
That stop light is insane and the sunset is quite lovely!

Hieu said...

The weather here is gorgeous now and we've had the doors and windows open all day. The roads and neighborhoods are a terrible mess with debris everywhere. Thanks for thinking of us! :-)